International Students

Policies (2024-2025)

1.     Admission Requirements: At a minimum, international students must meet the same requirements for ECS admission as domestic applicants. ECS will consider internationals for Grades 9 and 10. Please contact the Admission Office at if you would like to be considered for another grade. Primarily, the family must have at least one parent that is actively involved in church, that can provide a clear and credible profession of faith, and is in agreement with the school’s Foundational Statements and Governing Principles. Because the student will be separated from their home family, it is required that the student also be actively involved in church, be able to provide a clear and credible profession of faith, and be in agreement with the school’s Foundational Statements and Governing Principles. The student’s family is responsible for procuring the necessary approval/Visa to pursue education in the United States as a non-immigrating student. ECS does not provide assistance in this process. 

2.     English Proficiency Test: Students coming from non-English speaking countries or countries where English is a non-indigenous official language will be required to complete an English proficiency exam prior to admission. The TOEFL iBT is required, with a score between 80 and 90, depending on the grade to which the student is applying. This requirement is not negated simply because the student attended an English-speaking school prior to applying to ECS. Official TOEFL iBT scores must be provided to ECS prior to a student being offered acceptance.

3.     Standardized Test Results: Every applicant is asked to submit standardized test results by either submitting TOEFL iBT or SSAT test results. Both tests are sufficient for ECS admission purposes. However, if the international student falls into the student category requiring an English proficiency test (see #2 above), then the TOEFL iBT will be required. The testing date must be within one year of application. Parents should email full score reports to 

4.     School Obligations: International students are required to maintain good standing in all classes and contribute to a positive school culture. This involves the following: adhering to the school’s attendance policy requiring all students to attend 85% of scheduled classes; arriving to school and classes on time; maintaining acceptable behavior; ensuring involvement in trips, activities, and organizations outside of school does not interfere with school obligations; actively participating in the faith elements of the program (to include attending chapel and advisory); and maintaining a quarterly average of  70% or higher in every class. International students failing to meet these requirements will be placed on academic or behavioral probation and risk having their F-1 status with ECS revoked. 

5.     Tuition and Fees for International Students: The student’s family is responsible for all costs related to school enrollment. This includes tuition, uniforms, required student fees, athletic team fees, and graduation fees. The tuition rate for international students is the same as it is for domestic students. An additional fee of $1,500 is required of all international students, which covers the administrative expenses related to managing the student’s compliance with all SEVIS and school requirements. This fee is paid at the time of enrollment as part of the enrollment deposit. Families wishing to be considered for financial aid must submit an application through FACTS and meet all the requirements for consideration. ECS does not promise or provide athletic scholarships to students. All tuition assistance awards are based solely on need. 

6.     Student Family/Host Agreement: A student’s status in SEVIS will not be approved by ECS until a host family is identified and the Student Family/Host Agreement is signed by both parties. This agreement will delineate household rules for the student, what the host family is responsible / not responsible for, and the financial obligation agreed to by both parties. The student’s family will be required to provide a monthly payment to the host family between $400 and $800 dollars, as agreed to by both parties. These funds are to cover the costs incurred by the host family (food, lodging, fuel, etc.). The student’s family is responsible for all expenses beyond the agreed amount in the Student Family/Host Agreement (uniforms, clothing, school trips, allowance, entertainment, travel, etc.). 

7.     Host Interview: Prior to the Student Family/Host Agreement being signed by both parties, prospective host families must have an in-person interview with the Head of School. The purpose of this interview is to ensure that the host family is able to provide a Christian home environment, is in agreement with the school’s Foundational Statements and Governing Principles, and understands the obligations they are agreeing to in the Student Family/Host Agreement.

8.     Identification of Potential Host Families: The school is not responsible for identifying host families. Coaches for ECS teams may provide assistance, but they are not doing so in an official capacity of the school. 

9.     Host Family Quarterly Report: Each host family will submit a brief quarterly report to the Head of School. This report will update the school on the student’s compliance with rules and responsibilities as delineated in the Student Family/Host Agreement, issues that might need to be addressed by the school, potential change of status as a host family, and the student family’s compliance with the financial commitment delineated in the agreement.

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