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Image of Martin Luther Posting Scriptures on Wall

Speaking Out for Truth

November 2, 2022

The world doesn’t need just any kind of leader. It needs leaders who stand for what is good and true. It needs a new generation of young people raised up to lead on behalf of Christ. By God’s grace and through his word, Evergreen Christian School will prepare them to courageously, faithfully, and winsomely speak out for truth.

Wooden Graphic with Word Authentic Faith

Authenticity of Faith

September 28, 2022

Evergreen Christian School spends a great deal of time equipping students with the skills needed to intellectually articulate and defend the faith. We believe this is important. However, it means nothing if we do not prioritize cultivating an authentic faith in Christ for all of our students. Authentic faith occurs only when students come to terms with the Gospel message and the teaching of Scripture for themselves. It involves helping each student claim their family’s Christian heritage as their own, giving their hearts to Christ, and allowing him to transform them into men and women living out their faith on a daily basis.

Photo of Hands in a Group

I Want to Belong!

December 30, 2021

God created us to know and love him. The need to belong that is hardwired into each of us is a need to belong to him. We can never satisfy that longing with anything other than God. This is why Jesus came into this world. He is God’s answer to the heart crying out to belong. Today, it is our young teens who are most profoundly crying out daily, struggling with their identity. The need is tremendous. The greatest gift we can give them is a community where they can find their place in Him.

Image of Book Entitled How to Read a Book

Read to Lead

September 9, 2021

If we are going to adequately prepare our students to be future leaders, the kind that can rise above the cultural undertow and be transformative agents for Christ, then we must do a better job of teaching them to read. For Evergreen Christian School, this begins with providing each student a copy of Adler’s 1971 edition of "How to Read a Book" and asking them to read it prior to the first day of school. Adler does a phenomenal job of breaking down what it means to read well. He provides rules that guide students in how to analyze, evaluate, and critique written works. We reinforce these time-tested strategies within our classes, asking students to become active readers.

ECS Logo with Eagle

The Eagle has landed.

July 8, 2021

The phrase, "The Eagle has landed," has entered our vernacular being used to announce that either someone has arrived, or some great task has been accomplished. I have chosen to use it as the title for this blog precisely for this reason. Something significant is happening in Loudoun County. On August 24 of this year, Evergreen Christian School will officially open and hold classes for students in Grades 9 and 10. It will mark the accomplishment of a task first begun many years ago by Christian parents wanting to establish a premier Christian high school in Loudoun County. It is also a fitting title, as the ECS mascot is an eagle. Not only can we truly say that the Eagle is getting ready to land, but the Eagles are also getting ready to soar.

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