Christ Comes First!
"We are so blessed to send our two children to a school where Christ comes first. He is the foundation and basis for training up the students as tomorrow’s fine Christian Leaders. Classroom dynamics encourage the students to formulate opinions, challenge ideas, stretch in their knowledge, and form a basis for their beliefs and defend them. All of this, along with the community and friendships that have formed, make this school invaluable to our family." (~an ECS parent)

Continual Academic and Spiritual Growth
"My first year at Evergreen has been absolutely wonderful. The Christ-centered faculty always takes the time to help each individual student with any struggles they encounter. I love the discussion-based approach taken in many classes, and definitely look forward to continual growth in my academic and spiritual life!" (~a current student) 

My Child is Thriving!
"These are very challenging times for Christians. Our beliefs are being challenged daily in public schools. It brings us great joy and peace when we drop our child off at ECS each and every day. It's worth every cent, and even the daily commute is not a struggle when considering the alternative. In fact, we use it as a time of wonderful connection, devotional reading, and prayer. I will actually be sad to lose that time together when my child has a driver's license! We also love and appreciate the entire staff. I just can't say enough thank you's to everyone! My child is thriving!" (~a current parent)

Like-Minded Staff, Peers, and Families
"The reasons we love ECS: a Christian environment with like-minded staff, peers and families; biblical worldview curriculum; peaceful and joyful environment. Our son is flourishing in all areas - academically, spiritually and socially. He is very happy at ECS!" (~a current parent)

Thrilled with the Atmosphere at ECS
"We have been thrilled with the atmosphere and education at Evergreen. We transferred both of our children mid-high school to Evergreen this year and have seen a dramatic improvement in both of their demeanors, in their desire to engage academically and socially, and in the depth and inspiration of their education. Where we once saw strain and sadness in their faces, we now see a lightness and joy. We are so thankful. They have really enjoyed the relationships with the kids and teachers at school and appreciate the relational and discussion-based teaching. Our daughter regularly says her brain felt hungry before coming to Evergreen, and now it feels fed and full. We praise the Lord for providing an Evergreen education for our kids." (~a current parent)

Surrounded by Godly Educators and Peers
"We have been interested in ECS as we have seen God's hand placing us in a time and location where it would be an incredible opportunity for our son to grow and succeed as a Christian leader. After our tour and our son's shadow day, we walked away each time more impressed with the outstanding educational methods that students engage with during their day. Additionally, the environment of being surrounded by godly educators and peers would be invaluable especially during such a time as this in our county and country. Our son especially enjoyed his sample of Historical Apologetics and felt empowered to defend his faith in a specific way after student discussion during class. Such a unique and powerful means of growth and learning is exciting and so important." (~a prospective parent)

Safe & Beneficial Curriculum
My daughter loves the environment of the school. She feels like she is part of a family at ECS, and ECS has done a great job of quickly creating somewhat of a culture there that I know will only grow. I am confident that the material being taught is not only safe but beneficial. The level of academics has exceeded my expectations, and I feel like she will be prepared for college. My daughter also feels safe and comfortable speaking with any of the staff at ECS. Thank you for all you've done!" (~a current parent)

First Priority - Challenging, Sound Education Based on Biblical Doctrine
"We have been praying for an academic option for our son that would teach him a Godly worldview and perspective in a strong but balanced approach. Since all things come from Him, it is necessary for all things to begin with Him. Your mission to provide a challenging, sound education based on Biblical doctrine is our first priority for our son. In addition, we appreciate the attention you will offer to small classes, discipleship, and the investment to their spiritual development. We are excited about the student support services, community service, and Christian studies focusing on ethics and apologetics. We are looking for an environment where our son will be mentored, invested in, and challenged to know and defend what he believes in." (~a prospective parent)

Well-Rounded High School Experience
"We would like our son to continue with a Christian education, and we appreciate that the best of the classical approach is incorporated in the ECS educational philosophy. We like that he would benefit from a well-rounded high school experience, including varying course levels, electives, technology, languages, music, arts, and sports." (~a prospective parent)

Best Teaching to Challenge & Engage Students
"We believe that ECS will provide a Christ-centered education for our students. Currently, with the shift in our culture and some churches away from the biblical truth of God's Word, it is more critical that our children not only know what they believe, but be able to communicate that effectively. We appreciate that ECS appears to have researched and intends to implement the best teaching (classical, traditional, etc.) to challenge and engage the students." (~a prospective parent)

Same Beliefs at Home and School
"We are overjoyed to see Governing Statements that are filled with scriptural references. We agree 100% with the Statement of Faith and all statements in the Governing Statements. We are also excited to see elements of Classical Christian education sprinkled throughout the thought process. We are thankful for a solid Christian school where teachers and administration share the same beliefs we do at home." (~a prospective parent)

Peers Who Value Christian Faith and Moral Convictions
"Our daughter is interested in learning from a biblical worldview and is excited to learn with a group of peers who value their Christian faith and moral convictions. She is ready for the challenge. We are thankful for this new community." (~a prospective parent)

Emphasis on Service
"Not only do the school’s Governing Principles align with our beliefs, but the academic curriculum looks to be rigorous enough to keep our son challenged. Furthermore, the emphasis on service speaks to us as a family who has given many years of military and civilian service to our country." (~a prospective parent)

Preparing Christian Leaders
"ECS is dedicated to providing not only academic excellence and critical thinking skills, but also provides a compass to ensure spiritual and moral excellence, ensuring my children are prepared to enter college and the world as Christian leaders. In essence they will have the tools to face adversity and stay focused on Christ." (~a prospective parent)

Christian Worldview
"We have been nothing less than thrilled with Evergreen: the teachers, administration, and admission process. These, along with the Christian worldview teaching that is deeply-rooted in biblical truth, are all things we find wonderful about the school." (~a current applicant)

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