Evergreen Christian School

Art Students Showcase Pieces at Annual Christmas Event

Guest Looking at Artwork at Event

Evergreen Christian School Art Foundations students showcased their works at the 2022 Christmas Concert and Art Gallery. Guests enjoyed the beautiful creations of our talented art students. Click here to view photos of the art display.

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all.” -Michelangelo

Inspired by the words of Michelangelo, the Art Foundations students have been hard at work developing their skills and knowledge within the various elements of art. Works on show from the students included pieces displaying their skills in the element of line, shape, form, value, and color.

Referencing the classroom atmosphere, Mrs. Walsh gratefully shared, “I’m so happy with the student’s attitudes and work ethic in class. Sometimes the skills being learned are tough, but they delight in our class time, in discussion, and in each other.  As a foundational class, students deeply examine the elements of art and spend time gaining understanding and skill development. Many of the exercises and artworks can be challenging, but necessary to develop a robust artistry. For instance, during the weeks we studied color theory, we mixed colors repeatedly until each student was able to make a color wheel from scratch using only magenta, cyan, yellow, white, and black pigments. That was quite a feat and I’m proud of these students’ fortitude.”

Mrs. Walsh went on to describe her student’s ambitions, “Many of the students are eager to dive into a landscape painting or a portrait. I’m excited for those assignments too, but I keep encouraging the students to be patient, as foundational learning is too important to skip over. When we get to the landscape painting or the portrait, you’ll be glad you know how to mix up just about any color, or shade the light and dark values of the face so your portrait comes to life.”

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